Behavioral Health Allies is unique not just because we offer therapy, education, transportation, or community living services, but because we offer all of it – a full continuum of care that evolves as each individual’s needs change. With services across the lifespan, we provide a lifetime of hope and new opportunities for individuals and their families to grow, learn, and live. 

We meet individuals where they are and uniquely tailor evidence-based care to support behavioral health and life skills as they grow. With data-driven methods, our services include social, language, and practical life skills, together with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapies and positive behavioral intervention and support.

Early Intervention Clinic

BHA offers early intervention ABA services for children between 18 months and 7 years of age who have been diagnosed with Autism. We provide services and support for children to achieve milestones and make progress toward goals identified by the collaborative care team.

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Children who receive early intervention can demonstrate improved outcomes, increased success, and independence in the long run.

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Early intervention can have a positive impact on a child’s communication skills and academic success for years into the future.

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Early intervention can alleviate the financial burden of therapy in the long run by reducing the need for continuing intensive therapy.

Monica Lugo, BCBA, LBA

Executive Director of Services


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BHA provides in-person, year-round educational services for students in grades K-12 who are experiencing behavioral health challenges due to their developmental disabilities.

BHA utilizes adaptations, accommodations, and modifications to assist students in achieving their goals. Academic goals are based on individual needs – so each student is set up to achieve personal success.

With a focus on learning, behavior reduction, and language milestones, we prepare students for transitions to less restrictive educational settings, as skills in communication and social development improve. Here, students are supported by special education teachers and paraprofessionals. Students' academic goals and progress are communicated with school districts and families.

Transportation can be provided to and from the Academy by trained staff.


Director of Educational Services


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Our transportation division works hard to make sure that students with disabilities are transported safely. Our staff is trained to effectively manage severe behaviors in a transportation setting using positive behavior supports and crisis management strategies. Our focus is to aid school districts in the transport of students to and from their schools.

Justin Green

Director of Educational Services


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Community Living

BHA provides safe, supportive residential placement services in a community-based setting for individuals experiencing severe behavioral health challenges due to a developmental disability.


Emphasis on community integration.

BHA services promote behavior change – increasing socially acceptable behaviors and decreasing challenging behaviors – thereby enhancing the individual’s integration into the community.


Designed to enhance learning and personal competencies.

At BHA, we offer staffing ratios determined by the individual’s needs and through collaboration with the individual’s team. Each individual receives the support necessary to grow, learn, and live as a part of a community.


Each home has been carefully designed to accommodate the needs of each individual. They work on life skills that will enable them to transition into less restrictive environments. Residents are thoughtfully paired with others based on the support they require and roommate capability. Scheduling fun outings, personal appointments, and doctor appointments are just some of our many Community Living services.


Vice President of Residential and Crisis Services


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