Early Intervention

BHH provides services and support for children with the goal of minimizing the characteristics of disabilities. Services may include social and language skills and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).


Children who receive early intervention have improved outcomes, increased success and independence in the long run.


Early intervention can have a positive impact on a child’s communication skills and academic success.


Early Intervention can alleviate the financial burden of therapy in the long run by reducing the need for continuing intensive therapy.

Monica Lugo, BCBA, LBA

Executive Director of Services


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Educational Services

BHH provides year-round individualized instruction for students 5-21 years old that have intensive behavioral and educational needs.

Stepping Stones

Prepares student for transitions to less restrictive educational settings. Focuses on learning and language milestones. Improves skills in early communication and social development. Students are supported by a Special Education Teacher and paraprofessionals.

Modified Academics Hall

Modifications and support through academics. BHH utilizes adaptations, accommodations, and modifications. Their academic goals are individualized based upon their needs to set up the student for success.

Essentials for Living

Students develop independent and functional skills.


Director of Educational Services


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Residential Services

BHH provides placement services for individuals with severe behavioral challenges, developmental and intellectual disabilities.

High Quality of Life

Emphasis on community integration.

BHH services promote behavior change such as increasing socially acceptable behaviors and decreasing challenging behaviors.

Daily person-centered activities:

Designed to enhance learning and personal competencies.

1:1 and 1:2 staff ratios and collaboration with the individual’s team. Individuals receive the supports necessary to learn, grow and be a part of their community.

Retention of Daily Living Skills:

Short Term and Long Term residential services provided.

BHH services include scheduling and attending personal appointments. Each home has been carefully designed to accommodate the needs of individuals.

Shawnda Hawkins

Vice President of Residential and Crisis Services


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Creating meaningful change every day, on every ride.

Our transportation division works hard to make sure that individuals with disabilities are transported safely to their destination. Our staff is trained to effectively manage severe behaviors in a transportation setting using positive behavior supports and crisis management strategies. Our focus is to aide school districts in the transport of clients to and from their schools.

Justin Green

Director of Educational Services


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Consulting Services

We are here to help.

Our behavioral health team have specialty training to prepare students for transitions to less restrictive educational settings.

What we provide:

BHH provides consulting services to in-district staff on how to assess, teach, and make progress with students who are experiencing difficulties on their current campus.

BCBA Consulting

We will conduct an assessment or Functional Behavior Assessment to develop a Behavior Intervention Plan for your students. We will develop an entire program evaluation and training for staff.

Special Education Training

We will send out a Para Educator or a Registered Behavior Technician to directly work with the student. A BCBA will supervise the para educator and RBT.

Needs-Based Plans

Based on Need Consulting plans are based on need and severity of behavior(s), the ability to interact appropriately with peers, medical needs and level of supervision required. The goal is always to set students up for success by reintegrating them.

Mia Gonzalez

Director of Business Development


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Behavioral Health Holdings

BHH proudly strives to meet the educational and developmental needs of individuals with developmental disabilities.